DigitalTerrainMesh v0.5

Create digital terrain models from esri grid and xyz files.

Download: DTM 0.5
Tutorial: DTM Howto





DTM is a set of Clusters, that allows you to build digital terrain models with ascii grid files. The digital terrain models will be output as meshes and can be textured and baked with the desired satellite image.


Release Notes:

This version of the DTM (digital terrain model) components will allow you to place textures on the resulting meshes and bake them from grasshopper. The component „Bake with Texture“ allows you also to combine meshes from different ascii grid files and stitch the textures to get 1 terrain model with 1 texture. The component „Convert XYZ to Esri Grid“ allows to convert a xyz file into an esri grid (ascii) file.


  1. Download the "DTM.zip", from the link above.
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file and drag and drop the containing "DTM.gha" file in the Grasshopper Window.
    blickfeld7 User Objects Installer.

Note: Even if DTM is a set of User Objects (.ghuser) files, you can install it via the DTM.gha. Once installed the .gha will take care of the .ghuser files and constantly look for updates. Once an update is available you will get prompted on the start of Grasshopper. By clicking on "Accept" the update will be finished after some seconds, thats it. No need to replace .ghuser files manually anymore ;-)


To completely uninstall DTM, you have to delete both the DTM Folder (subfolder of blickfeld7) in Special Folders - Components Folder and Special Folders - User Object Folder

Author and Copyright:

Florian Frank & Stefan Kainzwaldner

Stefan Kainzwaldner
E-Mail: stefan@blickfeld7.com
Austria: +43 680 1226950